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The moon is so close if you compaire it to the stars

Just dry out

John Jeffrey Martin Fans
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A community for fans of the ever energetic John Jeffrey Martin! Let's face it the boy puts 110% effort into all he does. His past credits include, multiple roles in The Rocky Horror Show on Broadway, Kenickie in Grease at New Jersey's Papermill Playhouse, and Fender in Broadway's Hairspray. Recently he just finished upthe run of the new musical Good Vibrations! Jeff is a painter/singer/songwriter in NYC...so basically the boy knows how to keep busy. So join and help support one of the most energetic boys on Broadway...

ambydextrosity, beach boys, bouncing off walls, cbgbs 313 gallery, fender, first hopeful moment, good vibrations, grease, green lifesavers, guitars, hairspray, homeless derilects, john jeffrey martin, kissing lizards, painting, run me out, song writing, speckdom, toxic easter