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Info on the Gig

Sorry it took so long to post....

Ok so this goes w/out saying but honestly I adore Jeff. He played some fun stuff…though I can never really tell if he writes this stuff meaning to be serious or not. He played, well at least this is what I can remember "Tease", "You've Run Me Out", "Ambydextrosity", "My Favorite Homeless Derelict", "Three Days in the Sun", "No More Sleeping Angels"(Formally "No more Porcelain Angels" boy changed the title on me lol), "My Director", "My Fucked Up Affairs","Shelter Rock","Out Clause" (I think that's the name of that song, it's the one w/ all the real estate terms, that he sang for the first time at the January gig) and "Holy Cavities Batman"...Ok now I can never truly tell if he's being serious or not about what he writes, b/c he performs it so seriously, however I am under the impression and really hope I'm right that when it comes to "Holy Cavities Batman", he's kidding. I really think he's only serious in the songs where he's talking about heartbreak, though I'm still debating the "First Hopeful Moment", but honestly I think he was just REALLY pissed when he wrote that.

There were lots of people there, a bunch of cast members and such. It was loads of fun I suggest ya'll come out next time. ;o)
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